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Veritas Planes (18)
Veritas Planes from Canada

Veritas Planes from Canada,
including Bench, Block and LA Planes
Veritas Shooting Plane
Veritas Custom Bench Planes: #4, #4 1/2, #5, #5 1/2, #7

Planes (44)
WoodRiver Planes:
    Bench, Block, Shoulder, Chisel Plane etc.
Veritas Hand Planes:
    Bench, Block, LA Jack etc.

     Custom Bench Planes
Replacement Tote & Knob sets
    for Old Stanleys

New Products (47)
New Products:
Veritas Custom Planes
Arkansas Whetstones - Large Sizes
Veritas PMV11 Bench Chisels

WoodRiver Planes & other products (26)
WoodRiver Planes and Tools from Woodcraft USA
Bench Planes #3 - #7

Block Planes, regular and low angle
Chisel Plane, Side Rebate Plane
Spoke Shave, Awl

YouTube   video - Rob Cosman Talks about WoodRiver Planes
Chisels (13)
Veritas PM-V11 Bench Chisels
Stanley SW 750 Chisels: Sets of 4 or 8 in Leather Roll
Woodworking Chisels: Sets of bench & Butt Chisels
WoodRiver Butt Chisel Set of 4 in Box

Sharpening (50)
DMT & DiaSharp Diamond Plates
King & Ice Bear Waterstones
Suehiro Waterstones
Arkansas Whetstones
Shapton Ceramic Waterstones
Veritas Honing Guides
Veritas Grinding Jigs
Grobet Saw Files
PEC Tools - Products Engineering Corporation, CA, USA (18)
Precision Measuring Tools from Products Engineering Corporation USA - PEC Tools
300mm E/M Combo. Square Sets
150mm E/M Combo. Square Sets
100mm & 150mm Double Squares
Digital Calipers

IBC Plane Blades (6)
IBC (Industrial Blade Co) Replacement Blades
Made in Canada
A-2 High Carbon Tool Steel Hardened to 60-62Rc and Cryo Treated
IBC/Cosman Double Irons for Stanley
for Stanley Bench, Block Planes and Spokeshaves
for Lie Nielsen Bench Planes
for Lie Nielsen Low Angle Bench Planes

for WoodRiver Bench and Block Planes

Woodcraft USA Products (41)
Woodcraft USA Imported Products:
WoodRiver Planes, Block Planes, Specialty Planes, Spokeshaves, Chisels
Stanley SW #750 Chisels, Rebate Planes
Rob Cosman Saws, Tools, DVD.s
Olson Saws and Blades
Norton "3X" Grinding Wheels and Abrasive Sheets
Shapton Ceramic Sharpening Stones

Veritas Tools (42)
Veritas Hand Tools from Canada
Planes: Bench, Block, Low Angle
Honing Guides and Grinding Jigs
 - MkII Honing Guide with Camber Roller
 - Skew Regitration Jig
 - Grinder Tool Rest and Blade Holder
Saws: Dovetail, Crosscut, Carcass, Rip

Veritas Blades for Stanley/Record Planes (4)
PM-V11 Blades for Stanley/Record Bench & Block Planes
0.10" / 2.5mm thick
Rc61-63 Hardness
Lapped flat
Back Irons Available as well

Handmade Tools by Jim Davey (16)
Handmade by Jim Davey:
Chisel Handles
File Handles
Plane Screw Driver - Back Iron Screw
Tote 'n Knob Sets for Stanley Planes
JD Shooting Boards (7)
Shooting Boards by Jim Davey
Short - 400mm, standard or with Veritas Track
Medium - 600mm, with Fence, standard or with Veritas Track
Long - 800mm, with Fence
Right Hand - Left Hand made to order
Saws (10)
Veritas Saws from Canada
including Crosscut, Dovetail Rip and Fine Dovetail Rip
Rob Cosman Saws
Olson Fret Saw
Grobet 2xExtra Slim Saw Files
Rob Cosman Tools and Videos (0)
Dovetail Saws
Crosscut Saws
Videos on:
    Plane Tuning
    Wood Hinge Boxes

Abrasives & Grinding (8)
Norton 3X Sheets
Norton 3X Discs
Norton 3X Grinding Wheels
WoodRiver Turners Sanding Packs
Workbench Extras (38)
Accessories including:
Woodcraft Rules

Fastcap Bifocal Safety Glasses

Books & Videos (0)
Rob Cosman Videos and Books
U-Beaut Polishing Book
Specials (6)
Old Stock

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