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eShop FAQ
This eShop uses Checkout via the secure PayPal system, you don't need to have a PayPal account to use the system.
The Merchant doesn't see any of the Customer Credit/Debit Card details.
There are no fees for the Customer.

Payment Alternatives

As well as PayPal, payment can be made by:
Credit Card over the Phone - 02 4447 8822
Cheque payable to JD Marketing - Australia and sent to PO Box 967 Nowra NSW 2541
EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer via Internet Banking) - email to request Account Details.

Telephone number
The Telephone Number needs to be entered in a format which is foreign to Australians:
instead of 02 4447 8822 (two four four), or 0418 475 123
it needs to be 024-447-8822 (three-three-four), or 041-847-5123
use dashes instead of spaces between the number groups.

Checkout does not calculate the Postage, the customer needs to select a Postage Option after they fill in Name and Address
The Postage for each item is listed with the Item under Item Description.
For multiple purchases - Please select the Postal Option for the Largest/Heaviest item, no need to add any for the additional items, i.e. free postage on the smaller items.
Postal Option #6 is for Free Postage in the case of a Promotional or Introductory Offer.

MacBook Problem during Checkout
A few Customers using MacBooks have reported problems during Checkout. They seem to get to the stage of paying with PayPal but the screen just "sits" after Continue is selected - doesn't progress to PayPal to complete the payment. The Customer does receive the Order Confirmation via email but the payment doesn't complete. One uses Safari Browser - there may be an issue with settings. Sorry for the inconvenience - the eShop Providers are working on a solution.
In the meantime, please phone with Card to complete the transaction.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions
ph. 02 4447 8822

Thank you for Shopping on my Site
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