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News & New Products
New to Australia from Veritas:
PM-V11 Bench Chisels

PM-V11 Replacement Blades for Stanley/Record

Arrived - Sept. 2016 - New Veritas Custom Bench Planes   

Build the Plane to suit - Totes, Knobs & Frog angles:

Low, Standard & Tall Knobs
Totes in Standard Veritas or Classic shape in 3 sizes - to suit any/every hand.
Australian Release at the Timber & Woodworking Show in Melbourne: Sept. 9-11th

August 2015 - New Additions to the Arkansas Stone Range:
for Axes - Round Stones in Soft/Medium grit
for Knives - 200mm/8" E-Z Hone with Soft and Black grits
for Carvers - small stones with special angles for Carving Tools

June 2015 - New from Veritas:
Chisel & Narrow Blade Attachment for MkII Honing Guide

Australian Release at TWWW Show - Sydney - June 12-14th 2015
Jim Davey (Traditional Tools stand) & Carbatec

Clamps the Chisel from the side to prevent slipping
 - another clever idea from Veritas.

In Stock June 12th

Demonstrations at upcoming events.

Click - for Full information and Sales

March 2015 - New from Woodcraft USA:
WoodRiver #1 Bench Plane

Fully functional but w
ithout Lateral Adjustment (old Stanley #1 never had it)
The smallest of the Bench Planes

CLICK HERE for Sales Info

WoodRiver Shoulder Planes: #91 & #93

WoodRiver #91 with 12mm (1/2") Blade,  #93 with 25mm (1") Blade

These additions add to the #92 with 19mm (3/4") Blade - so, now we have all Three in stock

August 2014 - WA Wood Show
We will be in Perth for the WA Wood Show this coming August.
Looking forward to meeting people that we have dealt with over the years.
August 1,2,3 at the Claremont Showgrounds

July 2014 - Genuine Arkansas Whetstones - true Novaculite
    including Arkansas "Black" and "Translucent" - the rarest of the Arkansas Stones

“Click Here”   For More Information

June 2014 - New WoodRiver #62 Low Angle Jack:

Originally advertised as a plane for heavy stock removal across the grain, the No. 62 has found a home as a smoother and is quite popular among collectors. The WoodRiver® No. 62 is faithful to the original design, but is almost a full pound heavier at approximately 4.6 lbs. It features a body cast from ductile iron, with a bed angle of 12°, a bubinga tote and front knob, and a Mn65 high-carbon steel blade with a 25° bevel. The plane measures a little less than 14" in length x 2.4" in width and has a 2"-wide blade.

·         Heavy ductile iron casting

·         Mn65 high-carbon steel blade

·         Flat Sole and square sides

·         Bubinga tote and front knob

"Click Here" - for more Information and ordering

Dec 2013 - Veritas Shooting Plane with PM-V11 blade

Oct 2013 -
WoodRiver Bench Plane popular sizes #4 1/2 & #5 1/2  

The WoodRiver V3 line of hand planes is based on the reliable Stanley Bed Rock design featuring heavy, stress-relieved ductile iron castings, fully machined adjustable frogs and A-2 high carbon steel blades.  The WoodRiver planes represent a live evolving product line that incorporates input from users, experts and the manufacturer to produce the best working planes possible.  Now we see the introduction of popular sizes #4 1/2 and #5 1/2 to the broad range of bench planes, #3 - #7.  

"CLICK" - for WR#4 1/2           "CLICK" - for WR#5 1/2

July 2013 - New WoodRiver Products :
Bevel Gauge
Wheel Marking Gauge


Visit to Gerstner USA factory in Dayton Ohio USA - 13th June 2013

An exciting visit to Dayton Ohio, the home of Gerstner Chests

 On Left - Large Chest Sets in the Gerstner Showroom

On Right - Kit Set, assembled but unfinished.
Special Release: IBC/Cosman Double Iron in Rare 2 1/4" / 57mm size
Suits: Stanley Bench Plane #5 1/2, 1900-1950
           Bedrock #605 1/2, all years

Limited Special Production Run

ARRIVED: Machinist Quality  from P.E.C. Tools, made in USA
Machinist Grade Quality Marking and Measuring Tools from P.E.C. Tools USA - Products Engineering Corporation.

Combination and Double Squares. Metric and English/Metric


Combination Squares: 150mm (6"), 300mm (12") & 450mm (18")

Double Squares: 100mm (4") & 150mm (6")

Solid Squares, Dividers, Sliding T-Bevel

Digital Calipers

12" Comb. Sqr and 4" Dbl. Sqr Given "BEST VALUE" status by Fine Woodworking Mag. USA

"Click" for  Information and Sales

February 2013 - Plane Screw Driver - Back Iron
Made by Jim Davey
Wooden Knob
Stainless Steel Blade
Solid Brass Ferrule
fits 99% of Back Iron Screws
Other woods available
Special orders accepted

Feb 2014 - New additions include exotics -
phone Jim for details: 02 4447 8822

"Click" - for more info and order

January 2013 - Arkansas Stones
These are the finest of the natural stones, known the world over for their unique crystalline structure. True novaculite, these stones remove less metal than manmade stones and polish while sharpening. The resulting edge is longer lasting and sharper, achieved with fewer stones and less effort.Arkansas stones must be used with a lubricant.It keeps the stone's surface from clogging, reduces the effort required to sharpen and keeps it clean.Oil or water may be used, but if you decide to go with oil as a lubricant, you must continue to use oil since water will no longer be absorbed by an oil soaked stone.Washita stones are the softest and most aggressive. Used for taking out large nicks, re-beveling and flattening. Soft Arkansas stones are slightly softer than hard Arkansas. Best general duty stone for multi-purpose sharpening. Hard Black stones are the hardest and finest stones. Used for a honed, highly polished edge. Arkansas Stone Sets includes the full range of grits – Washita, soft and hard. Hardwood storage boxes included. Stone colors may vary.

"Click Here - for more info and sales"

Note: Not usually kept in stock but available by special order - see Dan's Whetstones for current stock

December 2012 - WoodRiver #92 Shoulder Plane

The No. 92 combines the best of the Edward Preston and Sons’ plane designs with modern WoodRiver® features to create a “new classic” with the look and feel of a shiny antique but the body of shoulder plane equipped for serious shop work, whether cleaning up tenons, rabbets and dadoes or creating joints. The WoodRiver No. 92 is the result of two years of extensive prototyping and testing to develop a classic look for a plane that works as good as it looks. The classic shoulder plane features were retained – narrow body, slightly proud blade (to clean corners), sides square to the sole, flat bottoms and a necessary robustness—but a major new feature was added, an adjustable toe used to control the throat opening and help to minimize tear-out on end grain. The body of the No. 92 is Cr40 stress-relieved ductile steel, machined square and flat, and the blade is Mn65 tool steel hardened to 60-64 Rc which combines toughness with the ability to take a keen edge. The blade advancement mechanism is smooth and precise. Dimensions : Body–length 7" /175mm, width 3/4" / 19mm, height 2-1/2" / 62mm; Overall Plane–length 8-13/16" / 224mm, width 3/4" / 19mm, height 3-1/4" / 80mm; weight: 2 lbs., 3.4 oz. / 1kg; bedded angle, 15°; blade angle 25°.

"Click Here" - for orders

Jan '13 - Testimonial:

"The WoodRiver #92 Shoulder Plane arrived today. Boy is it sharp!  I've never got anything this sharp straight out of the box.  Much appreciated." - Steve T - NSW

Sept 2012 -  Pinnacle "Gullwing" SpokeShaves with IBC Premium Blades

"CLICK"  for Press Release

"Click Here" for info and Sales

August 2012 - WoodRiver #7 Bench Plane

Honed and Sharp - Ready to Use

New in May 2012 - Stanley SW Shoulder Plane
Stanley have brought back the #92 under the SW Banner - New Quality tools
Click for details

Special Order Only

March 2012 - Veritas Hand Planes

Veritas Smooth Plane, Fore Plane
LA Block Plane, Apron Block Plane
LA Jack with High Angle Blades

19/01/12 - Grobet "American Pattern" Double Extra Slim Saw Files
Grobet Taper Saw files are triangular, single cut file designed for filing a variety of saws with 60 degree angled teeth. Tapered toward a point, this file has cut edges for filing gullets between saw teeth. Taper saw files are available in a number of widths: regular, slim, extra slim and double extra slim. Single cut on all three sides. 3/16" wide or slimmer. 
Note: The files I stock are Double Extra Slim only - ideal for Saw Sharpening, can get others on request.

New - Nov. 2011: Rob Cosman Dovetail Marking Knife

Designed by Rob Cosman, made by IBC Canada

New - Aug. 2011: Rob Cosman Saws and Videos
Arrived: August, 2011 - see the Rob Cosman page for more details on the Saws and Videos
- Dovetail Saw
- Crosscut Saw
- Tennon Saw
- Cutting and Mortise Gauges
- Dovetail Marker
- Dovetail DVDs

Special Order Only

New - 7th Dec 2011 - WoodRiver Bench Plane #7
22"/550mm long, 2 3/8"/60mm Blade,
weighing about 4kg - nearly as heavy as an old Stanley #8!!

New - Ist Nov 2011 WoodRiver Butt Chisel Set of 4

Compact shape
CrV blades - 59-63Rc
Bubinga handles

New - 1st Nov 2011 WoodRiver Awl

Ideal for marking, starting screws and leather piercing
Bubinga handle

New - Rob Cosman Dovetail Marking Knife - arriving 1st week  Nov 2011

Designed by Rob Cosman
Made by IBC Canada

AWFS Fair, Las Vegas, USA July 2011

I recently attended the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas - it was BIG.  Being an industry fair there was a lot of machinery as well as the small stuff. 

I had the pleasure of meeting
several of the Woodcraft staff from corporate headquarters as well as Jeffrey Forbes, President of Woodcraft Supply LLC.  A tight group and a pleasure to do business with.

Also on the Woodcraft stand was Rob Cosman, demonstrating dovetails using Cosman Saws, WoodRiver Planes and the prototype Cosman Marking Knife.
Rob is an excellent demonstrator, all his knowledge comes from experience and his teaching - well thought out and makes good
sense.  Prior to this show I knew how good the WoodRiver Planes are but this gave me the opportunity to see and try other products including the Cosman Saws - it won't be long before I have them in the shopping section of this website.

June 2011 - WoodRiver Ultimate Cabinet Maker's Kit

Including the WoodRiver #4 Smoother, WR #6 Fore Plane and WR Low Angle Block Plane.

Special Pricing on the kit of 3.

June 2011 - WoodRiver Side Rebate Plane 

New from Woodcraft USA, the WoodRiver Side Rebate Plane - both left and right in one Plane, with Fence.

IBC Replacement Blades:

IBC/Cosman Double Irons and IBC Single Irons to suit Stanley, WoodRiver and some Lie Nielsen Planes.

Click Here for a recent review in American Woodworker Magazine.

New - Stanley SW Chisels - 23rd March 2011

"The new 750 socket chisels are forged from high chrome-high carbon English tool steel in the famous city of Sheffield and hardened to RC58-62. FSC Certified Genuine English Hornbeam ( a member of the Carpinus genus) is used for the handles. Chisels range in length from 8-1/2" to 10-1/4". Handles are approximately 4-7/16" in length with a 3-5/16" comfortably shaped grip area and a 1-1/8" tenon which fits into the socket on the chisel. handles must be set in the socket prior to use. Like all chisels, these require some flattening of the backs and honing before use, but we found them well balanced and quite light. Sets come with a soft leather tool roll for storage which can also be hung up for easy access to tool when in use." - Woodcraft USA
Available in 4 Pc and 8 Pc Sets

New - Pfeil Bench Chisels

New Swiss made Chisels are really special. First, they’re crafted from the finest Swiss Tool Steel, expertly ground on all sides with a 25° main bevel and a 30° micro bevel on the cutting edge. For the handles, Elm was chosen for its’ beauty while an octagonal shape with a sight ovoid is used for improved control and comfort. The overall effect is the perfect union of old world craftsmanship, modern materials and the desire to create (what Woodcraft, USA think) may just be the perfect bench chisel. Set includes the following: 6mm, 10mm,12mm, 16mm, 19mm and 26mm chisels and a tool roll.

- Electronically hardened alloy chrome-vanadium steel blade

- Euopean Hardwood octagonal square tang handle

- 6 piece set

- Swiss made

- Finely ground and polished

WoodRiver Block Planes 
in the first week of Nov. 2010 -
February 2011: Excellent review from Fine Woodworking magazine - see "Reviews" for Report Summary



New*  - Nov. 2010:

IBC Pinnacle A-2 Cryo Irons for WoodRiver Bench Planes (these also fit Lie Nielsen Bench Planes) - 1/8" thick. 
For those who want an extra Iron or a better cryo Iron.

*New*  WoodRiver V3 Planes - Arrived 29/09/2010- 
WoodRiver V3 Bench Planes from Woodcraft USA
Introductory Offer- WoodRiver Planes provided ready to use with Mouth set at 0.010" and Blade faced & honed ($25 value). 

May 2010 - IBC Premium Blades

-IBC /Cosman Double Iron Sets - Heavy Duty Cap Irons matched to the IBC Pinnacle Iron (Double Iron: Iron & Cap Iron combination)
-Premium Planes with IBC Pinnacle Iron or IBC/Cosman Double Iron

Replacement Tote and Knob to suit Stanley #4 1/2 - #8 in NG Rosewood
Now in #4 size as well as #4 1/2 - #8  (June 2010) 

New, March 2010 – Replacement Totes and Knobs for Stanley Planes.

Totes patterned after 1905-1930 Stanley Planes with longer Spur than later models.

New Guinea Rosewood (unrelated to the original Brazilian Rosewood)

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